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Tallgrass Unlimited, Inc. is a marketing consulting company committed to providing individuals and small businesses worldwide the ideas, resources, training, and services necessary to harness the power of the Internet to establish an online presence, grow their brand, drive traffic & sales, increase their profits, and serve as a catalyst for unlimited success.

The company’s name is inspired by the vast & beautiful landscape it’s rooted in. Take a quick trip to the picturesque tall grass prairie of the Flint Hills region surrounding Manhattan, KS, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a striking scenery that’s as wild and fantastical as it is awe-inspiring and breathtaking…It’s in this place one can stand atop a rocky plateau, look out across the open expanse of rolling waves of the tall grass prairie on a windy day, or gaze up into the endless starry sky on a warm summer’s night, and realize how truly unlimited the universe is…not how small we are in this grand design, but how every resource imaginable to live an amazing life of purpose is right there at our fingertips.

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  • Brent Wehmeyer – Personal Site

    Brent Wehmeyer, the President of Tallgrass Unlimited, shares life lessons learned, ideas & strategies that will allow you to profit from pursuing your purpose, and marketing & online business building skills…all with the mission of helping you create a business that makes you money AND lets you live the life you love!

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  • Tallgrass Unlimited’s Digital Media

    At Tallgrass Unlimited, we build online brands centered on hobbies & interests. Utilizing audio, video, graphics, and the written word, we bring high-quality content to those interested in the topics we focus on, through websites, social media, and other platforms.

    We strive to produce epic quality content that impresses and engages readers, answers their questions, provides them ideas & inspiration, and in return generates revenue for Tallgrass Unlimited to affiliate referrals, ad revenue, and product sales.

    Here are just a few of our brands:
    Tile Shower DIY | Keto KornerSauna SchoolOutside Livin’Destination: Amazing!